Mahathin Maa mahavidyalaya situated at Bihiya of Bihar State is affiliated to V.K.S.U., Ara vide the affiliation number ............. from the year ............ The purpose of establish a college for the members of Board of Directors was to provide facilities for the higher education for the villagers nearby Bihiya. Although the students of Bihiya were registered with V.K.S.U. under different courses through the colleges of Ara town and for attending classes they needed to spent time and money every day. So we the member of Board of Directors committed an attempt to establish a college in Bihiya. We deserve to be affiliated with V.K.S.U., Ara and we got the affiliation letter after reviewing the campus and facilities provided by us here. We will update our status date by date and time by time for any event occuring here with the university that we have affiliated with.

New Updates:

We have posted mark sheet of students of various streams to our website. Candidates seeking their examination details may click on "Marksheet" tab to view their marks details. As directed, we have posted the marks details in pdf or image format. It may be inconvenient for u. Thank u.